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The west end of the main ties in at J ansen Junction. The switcher has u sed the #8 curved turnout in the f oreground and is headed for the only industry on the south side of the main. show two methods for doing this. Extensions were spliced to the existing benchwork, risers added, and new plywood sub-roadbed attached. I cut the rails on the old main and added #8 turnouts at both the east and west ends to swing the new track across the front of the layout. These long turnouts are much kinder to long passenger cars than the #6s that had been my standard. Access to Seabold Industries required a curved #8 turnout t o match the radius of the new mainline while tying into the existing siding. O nce the station was relocated to the front of the layout, there was enough room to add a house track on the east side for express and baggage cars with LCL ship ments. Adding the new benchwork and track was surprisingly easy and only took a few days. Prior to reconstruction, all but one of the industrial sidings in Jansen fed o ff the main. This caused all work in this industrial area to cease when passenger trains were due to arrive. This is no longer a problem with the new main.


MAY 2001

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