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The new main swings to the left on a #8 turnout. The station is at the top left, while the switcher sits on the old main. t he eight-to-one fast clock, but anybody w ho has ever worked a yard knows that switching takes real time. The yardmaster would be plenty busy without unnecessary complications or design flaws, so I spent a lot of time trying to develop an efficient yard design. It became immediately apparent that I didnt have space for a double-ended yard, b ut the final design had adequate capacity, easy access to the arrival and departure tracks and a switching lead long enough to East and westbound passenger trains can now make station stops without tying up the yard

handle the trains Id be running. Satisfied with the plan, I went to work laying track and wiring in the electrical system. As the railroad progressed, I hosted a number of open houses that required running several trains simultaneously, and the yard handled these well. When the mood struck to do some switching I even put together locals and ran them over the line again the yard seemed to function as intended. When I began developing a schedule in


MAY 2001

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