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uses the traditional methods of block-control. Joe is pleased to add that, One of the power packs has a built-in sound generator, especially important since at this point Joe is looking forward to adding interior lighting to his structures and is getting to the finer points of his modeling efforts! J oe uses an average radius of 30 " , depending on contacts mounted in his turnouts to automatically trigger route changes on his NJ International signaling units. Joes favorite structures? Fine Scale Miniatures, of course! Although other manufacturers products can be found on the l ayout, its Joes love of George Sellios Franklin & South Manchester that has had a major influence in his modeling style. The last time I spoke with George I mentioned J oes name to him...his response? Isnt he one of the guys that actually builds my kits? George has the crazy idea that there are some collectors out there!

Another of Joes influences lies in the work of Bill Henderson, whos Coal Belt Lines has been featured in an Alan Keller Great Model Railroads videotape as well in articles in Model Railroading. Joe started construction in 1985, using S hinohara code 100 track and turnouts; Homasote was to replace cork as the roadbed of choice. While Joes approach to scenery is traditional, he is adamant is his a pproach to constructing trees. Ground f oam is fine, but only on natural armatures...weeds, twigs, whatever...but keep it as it is in nature. Joe is an also avid builder of scale cars, t anks and ships. An entire room is sur rounded by showcases full of the stuff, yet ironically he has no intent of introducing a waterfront to the layout. Joe sees no finer scale vehicles than those made by Jordan and uses them almost exclusively throughout the entire layout. Future development

will lie more in the direction of rolling hills and farm scenes. The recent addition of the Bachmann Spectrum line of steam motive power has m ade this new generation of models his favorites, despite many of the original brass models that the railroad had started with. Joe prefers Preiser figures but keeps a cigar box full of cast-metal military figures that were manufactured under the name H&R; Joe sees them as the most finely detailed figures ever produced. As for future plans? Work on the newer farm scene, build some new FSM structures (Joe has several dioramas residing under the layout; he just loves building the things), and keep an eye open toward the possibility of real rush though. When asked if there were anything special hed like to share with us about his modeling efforts, his reply was, Theres really nothing special to talk about....I beg to differ!



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