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Air brake

Air compressor

cock pipe

pipe valve K rnrh p ipe tee =t g: ;;;: Dir collector & c ut out cock

op I+- ++- ----i: +J- -T rod "A" end - -++ r- p::. 1 1 .r- - Cylinder pipe 1-;;;:;t ;:;;:;;O; ;-

reservoir pipe reservoir pipe emergency & auxiliary reservoir

--i+ ""i- -Brake cylinder Y+ =", ""= -

m osphere t h rough the disconnected p i p e . (This i s why they are cal led a u toma tic a i r brakes . ) Because a i r pressure from t h e car's reservoir tank flows into the brake cylinders to force the brake shoes against the wheels, it is important to note that a train has n o a ir brakes until each car's reservoir i s initially charged from the locomotive. In other words, no air in the reservoir means no brakes. There is nothing new about this system. I t was in vented by George Wes t inghouse in the late 1 800s (and fi rst practically a p p lied to passenger trains in 1 868, to freight trains in 1 88 7 ) and has been in use ever since with minor i m provement s .

Hand brake chain End of train device +- - (transmits end of train brake pipe pressure via telemetry)
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