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March 1997 - Page 64

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LEFT: The rays of the af

ternoon sun give no warmth on this frigid Jan uary day. Shining icicles hang from the tips of the boards on this crossbuck on the Soo Une Davenport Sub at Monroe Center.

Text and Photography by Howard Ande
G4 . March 1 997

uring the past coupl e of years, winter here in northern I l linois has been a lmost uneventfu l . I t h a s been characterized by seemingly endless strings of sullen slate-gray days, the kind that produce cabin fever. There has been a dearth of sign i ficant snowfall that at least would have brightened the land dul led by monochromatic skies. Snow has continually missed the northern section of the state, fal ling in stead in Wisconsin and central I l linois. The season h a s had its moments t hough-there have been weeks of solid cold with -40 to -500 F wind chills. Arctic high pressure systems have roared down from Canada bringing days fi l l ed with dazzling light that draws you outdoors, even with the numbing cold.


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