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June 28,1904

S. S. Danielsen, Nick Siegel
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Irv Athearn


S. Haskins

July 4,1991

TypeTronics, Inc.

Kristin Doughty

October 2, 1928

Gordon Odegard

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July 8,1991

odel railroaders the world over have lost two dear f riends who have inspired hundreds o f thousands in the hobby. Both shared their talents in their own ways, and all of us have been enriched by their e fforts. " Uncle Irv," as he was a ffectionately called by many, was not the f ounding father of model railroading, but he most certainly was the leading progenitor of HO mod eling. Ask any HO modeler to describe what got him or her hooked on model rail roading and chances are an Athearn product will be mentioned near or at the top o f the list. His line o f reasonably priced but high-quality products has been the main stay of modelers f so long that many of us have just taken them for granted. or Irv had no children of his own, but in a very real sense all HO modelers were his children. He is survived by his w i fe, who will continue the Athearn tradition. A management team already in place will continue to provide stability for the f irm . Gordy Odegard, a member o f the Model Railroader staff since 1949, died while attending the N MRA's Annual Convention in Denver. He was hospitalized during the early morning hours on Saturday the 6th after su ffering a cardiac arrest. He finally succumbed on Monday while still in intensive care at Denver General Hospital. Gordy shared his talents with us through the pages o f MR for so long, that even those who never had the privilege o f meeting him felt that they knew him. During his 40+ years with M R nearly 300 articles carried his byline and one of his projects became the subject of the Kalmbach book, Modeling the Clinchfield Railroad in N Scale, which was published in 1979. Gordy is survived by his wif Alice, his mother, two daughters and f e our grandchildren. Our deepest sympathies go the families o f these two great and dear men who have inspired so many for so long. We share your grief because we too have lost much with their passing.


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