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The tradiliollalJlIlly motorized HO-gallge locomotive arrives I/lith a halldsome display lIIith a gellt/inc brass nameplatefor showcasillg wliell llot ill lise. The locomotive travels 011 the a(/llal size oj 12'116" Model sholl'lI smaller than


4-6-2 /Vheel cOltjigllratioll that
lIIas the hallmark oj"Pacific" The tetlde,. isfilled lIIith roal. type locomotives.

A look iI/side the ellgilleer's wi} reveals amazillg detail.

The smokestack jlllsJorth Jrom the smokebox, alld the polished brass bell heralds the arr;"a! oJthe traill.

The disti,uti!,e goldell crescellt moo II gleams brightI)'
r------------------ -----------------

An authentically detailed, handcrafted HO-scale model. Precision-cast in gleaming metal and polished brass.
I t was introduced in 1925 with the bold claim, "There is no finer train .... The "Crescent Limited," a powerful locomotive " created to pull the first premium-fare, all-Pullman deluxe train. When all other locomotives were black, this unique beauty was gleaming "Virginia Green," with rich burnished red trim. Emblazoned with a brilliant golden moon and stars logo and golden striping. Now, Franklin Mint Precision Models re-creates the "Crescent Limited" in its prem iere motorized HO-scale replica. Precision-crafted from over 100 components with no detail overlooked - from the authentic colors to the gleaming brass the coal-ftlled tender. Created from actual pho tographs and engineer's blueprints, then hand-assembled to exacting standards of excellence, this jt.llly motorized, traditional HO-model can be operated with train sets of that size. And at the issue price of just $395, this one-of-a-kind replica is an extraordinary value too.

Franklin Mint Precision Models August 31, Franklin Center, PA 19091


Please mail by


Please send me the "Crescent Limited," a fully motorized replica in the traditional



Complete with a handsome track display base.

I need send no money now. Please bill me in
five equal monthly installments of$79.*, with the first installment due prior to shipment of my imported locomotive, tender and display.
(l.otletillle charge oJ$3. Jar sllippillg al/d llalldlil/g.

*Pflu my state sales tl1.\: alld

5IGNATURE _______ -,-,-:-::----, :c:-\ .... llORDERS .. RE S T ACCE P TANC E O


----, lE , =-=c ::-: =p =- S =- "" p:: , =- l N T c -=- "' YR ,. ::-:


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S TATE/ZIP _ _____ _ _ ___ _ _ _ 1991 FMPM 14032029
If you wish to return any Franklin Mim Precision Models purchase. you may do so within 30 days of your receipt of (hat purchase for replacement. credit or refund.


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