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January 1991 - Page 71

T hat's not a clai m . That's a fact. On September 9, 1990 the PROTO 2000 BL2 su rpassed The Guinness World Record by runcontinuous running time ever recorded by a model railroad locomotive. For 3 6 days, our u n m odified engine, bearing the C&O roadname, pull ed six passenger cars with no maintenance, no derail ments and no mechanical fai l u res of any kind. And, at press time, had exceeded 1 200 hours. Of course, this story will come as no surprise to HO enthusiasts. They know the PROTO 2000 BL2 breaks new ground daily with its brass quality detailing, laser printing and exceptional engine perfor mance. Which is why we proudly call it "The Best Engineered Locomotive In Its Class." ning "substantially more" than 8 64V h ours non-stop - the longest 2

N W!
A New Standard of E xcellence.

Also available: Western Maryland #81, Chesapeake

Life-Like Products, Inc.,

M OPAC, MOPAC, Rock Island, Bangor

& Ohio, MONON

In Canada: Life-Like Products, Inc., 140 Applewood Crescent, Concord, Ontario, L4K4E2.

1 600

A vailable at y our local hobby store or contact: U nion Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211-1998.

& Aroostook, Undecorated.

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