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March 1998



T his railroad has proved itself a worthy successor to Central Vermont.

New England Central
b y George S. Pitarys and Brian Solomon


F irst trick operations include Amtrak daily trains and weekday P& W turns.

Niantic River Movable Bridge
by Leo King

44 54 76

Brian Solomon

DE P A R T M E N TS 4 E ditoria l 8 14 18 22 24
5 L etters

M ontana beckons rail enthusiasts with promises of great adventure.

The Bison and the Bear
by Dean Sauvola

26 27

P aducah & Louisville offers a look at southern regional railroading.

Railroad Focus
b y RAILNEWS Staff

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Expediter M arket Watch F rom the Cab A mtra k CSX Transportation VIA Rail Canada N o rfol k Southern C ommuter/Transit C anadian National I l li nois Central B u rlington Northern & Santa Fe C onra il C a n a d i a n Pacific Railway U n io n Pacific Regionals/Short Lines The Last Word RaiiNews Classifieds R aiiNews Advertising I ndex

C OVER: Burlington Northern & Santa Fe 1086 moves this eastbound through a palette of October green and gold at Red Eagle, Montana. Photo by Dean Sauvola ABOVE: Southbound NECR No. 610 climbs State Line Hill at Monson, Massachusetts, in May 1997. LEFT: Eastbound BNSF No. 52 ski rts the shore of the
Dean Sauvola

M i l k River at Havre, Montana, by BN unit 8089.

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