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Diesels, Detail-by-Detail .. .

ElectroMotive (EMD) GP38-2 as Missouri-Kansas-Texas no. 314
The specific parts, decals and paint you'll need to recreate this particular locomotive in miniature

Robert Schleicher
The Real One: The GP38-2 is the most popular of the . 'Second Generation,. diesels sion. The locomotive was a refinement of from Genernl Motors' Electro Motive Divi the GP38. first introduced in January of 1966. The GP38-2 was introduced in 1972 and produced throughout the Eighties. for a about 700 GP38 GP382 have two circular

diesels). The GP38 and fans on the top

total production of ncarly 1300 units (plus

rear of the long hood. Some of the earrier GP38-2s buih prior \01976 and all GP38-2


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