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Editorial _________ _
what yuu want tu know. Write and tell us what yuu want tu know about your hobby. ur ask if an article or idea yuu have can be pre sented in the magazine. We are constantly searehing fur (and finding) new writer:; and phutographers undo of cuurse. ideas. . you already belong to our group. You If you have lin idea for an anicle yuu bought this issue of Railmodel Journal would lite to prepare yourself. please write because some pocllogrnph or article or even some ad appeared. to you, to be something and ask about it befure you go any funher. you wll11ted. It is. This magazine (henceforth We might want it asis. we might want to referred to as simply "the Journal") was not redirect yuur research a bit. we might W:lIl[ prepared just for you, it was prepared by [0 supply you with names uf others who arc you. These are articles and ph()(ographs and working on similar projccls. or we might ideas that modelers have either asked OUT already have something similar in the pro writers and photographers to create. or ma cess of being published. We pay the same terial that was solicited based on your re basic rates as other enthusiast magazines for individual phutus (35mm color slides ur 4x5 quests. o r larger black and white prints). articles and No one person can create a magazine like drawings. Sumetimes. we even pay for the this: it is the combined energies of nearly usc of a particular mooel where the builder [00 people. The "tip" of that "iceberg" has notes on how it was built so we can util consists of the writers listed on the COllIents ize our editorial staff tu create the illustrated page and whose bylines you will see o n arti matcrial for an anicle. cles and beneath photographs, but the "ice We also want tu encourage yuu tQ hare berg" itself is you. If you don't sec what prototype photos for the "Readers' Ruster" you want on these pages. it's because: A) articles. The primary purpose uf that seg You didn't ::lsk. B) You didn't know you wanted to know. orC) You already knew but ment of the magazine is tu allow you to add did not ask us if we wanted to publish your your own material to articles on the proto ideas. Do any of the above, and we will try type thai we have already published. This munth. we included some examples of to do our pan. protutypes fur specific kits. but please. if You might want to know who "you" are. you have additiunal phutographs of Union eh? In a word. )'ou are builders.You are not Refrigerator Transit reefers from any era or just dreamers or armchair model railroaders. or you would nOi have found this magazine of aetiun on the Western Allegheny Railroad ur modem MKT rolling stock to supplement appealing enough to read. Sume of you are the articles in Ihis issue. let us borrow them still opcmting Athearn locomotives and cars for possible publicatiun. All photographs with the couplers that came in the boll. Others are painting your models with spray will be returned after publication if you re cans. others are mastering the air brush for qucst. but wc may necd tu retain some of tllem fur as much as a year before Ihcy can painting and. perhaps. adding sUllie elltra de actually be published. TIle concept of every tails ::lnd better couplers to your models and article in this magazine is to present the in convening structure and rolling stock kits [0 itial research material: then it's up tu yuu to mher variations of specific protmypes. And. yes. SQme uf yuu are building from scratch. cuntribute additional material if you have il. You will never find ":tll-there-is-tu-knuw" But . , . only about a fuunh uf you arc actu ally building a model railroad, and another anicles in this magazine; there's just 100 nlOch material out there fur any authur to founh dun't ever plan tu build a layout. collect it all for a single article. Our group. then. includes modelers who are simply uperaturs of bUll-stock equip There's also the "Tup Tips" section of ment. as well as modelers who are simply the magazine. wherein we'lI pay yuu tu builders of models fur display and. rarely. share your clever modeling techniques with operation.But . .. we are al[ modelers and. other members uf our group. as such. cunstitute the most innuential group Sec, we arc what we appear tu be: a in the hobby. Why'! Because we actu:llly buy magazine aboul just Ihe kind of modeling kits and bl".tSs models and paint and decals yuu like beSI. Please, though, be patient with and track and electrical items and scenery some of the members uf our group. If you and books and. yes. magazines. All tu be are just running those box-stock Athearn used. nOt just collected or read. We buy and kits. have the patience to understand that we build and we:lre the "grass rootS" Qf this sume of us want thuse photogntphs of real hubby, and. yes again. this is Qur magazine. railroad cars and engines so w e can more :lC Please. understand th:l! all this is nOl a curately detail. paint and decal our models. sales pitch for the Juurnal: you're already Similarly, we experienced air brush painters sold. What this is is one uf the first public and scratchbuilders need the patience tu definitions of the grQUp yuu belong tQ, and understand that uther members Qf uur group this is the first magazine in at least 20 years still need tu know how tu put grab irons on a prepared nQt unly for you but by you. We 've locomotive ur car and that some uf us would started tu du our pan by gathering togcther prefer to paint with spray f;;ms rather than an . this group uf 100 ur 51.1 who are willing tQ air brush. Remember whal we all share: a share their material and whu can help present love for models and the excitement of build your m:uerial. ur al least hclp 10 present ing andlur running them.

Calendar ---We intend 10 list the majur model railroad events for the year in each issue. We realize there are literally hundreds of regional cun ventions. swap meets and modular layout displays. and. if yuu insist. we'll include them in some future issue. We do not. huw ever, want to provide listings for "nea mar kel" types of events that compete with yuur local dealer fur both dollafll and profit. Our policies for "Calendar" listings, thuugh. are certainly open \0 discussion by you. uur readers. Let us know what yuu think about it . . and. please. send us [huse "Calendar" event listings.
June 15-18. N atiunal S Gauge Cun ventiun. Kansas City. Missouri. Contact: James Phelps, 8432 No. Virginia. Kansas City. MO 64155. June 17-21. NTRAK Western USA Con vention (NTRAK "East" meets at the NMRA National in Iuuston), Berkeley Convention Center. Berkeley, California. Contact: Ken Lass, 712 Taylor Ave.. Ala meda. CA 94501; (415) 865-4930. July 20-22_ Natiunal aScale Cunventiun. Stamford Sheratun, Stamford, Conneclicut. Contact: George Mueller. 74 Virginia Dr .. Middletun, cr 06457: (203) 347-3020. J uly 31 - August 6. Natiunal Model Rail ruad Associatiun (NMRA) Natiunal Con ventiun, Houstun. Texas.Contact: Rick While, registrar, 1511 Mirror Lake Dr., Seabrook. TX 77586. August 2-5. l llh Annual LOB Mudel Railroad Club Conventioo. Indianapolis. In diana. Cuntact: Dave Lynn. 8332 Mock ingbird Ln.. Indianapolis. IN 46256. Aug ust 17-20_ 51h Annual Garden Rail way Conventiun. Coneurd (Bay Area). Cal ifurnia. Contact: 3500 Clayton Rd., Suite 8-105-A, Concord, CA 94519. September 20-23. 9 th National Narrow Gauge Cunvention, Durango. Culuradu. Contact: P.O. BOil 2191. Durango. CO

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81302; (303) 259-0627.

NMRA Spring Regional Conventions M ay 19-21. T housand Lakes Regiun. Sioux Falls. South Dakota. Cuntact: Roben J. Graen. 3501 E. 31st.. Sioux Falls. SD

M a y 1 9-21. M idwesl Regiun, Mil waukee, Wiseunsin. Cuntact: Dick Cecil. 3131 Nu.KramerSt.. Milwaukee, WI (414)

May 19-21. Northeaslern Regiun. Edi son. New Jersey. Contacl: Charles Bet. tinger. 29 Foster Dr.. Vernun. CT 06066; Denver, Culurado. Cuntact: Richard Uunter. 832 Geneva SI.. Aurora, CO 80010. June 2-4. Suutheastern Region. Stone Mountain Park. Geurgia. Contact: Geurge Gill. 4934 Freedom CI.. S[une Mountain. GA 30087; (404) 469-9207. June 22-25_ Mid Cuntinent Regiun. Saint Luuis, MO. Contact: Juhn Hardy, (314)

(203) 643-5925. May 26-28. R ocky Mountain Regiun.



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