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iN' scale at its finest

W ESTERN MARYlAN D 3-Truck Shay No. 6

OMI # 2821

1 60-["on5 of power and the la rgest Shay still i n existance. M. S . Models of Korea has beautifully detailed this rnodel. Check out the working drive system, you must seC' il in action to appreciate it! Handcrafted of brass in N s cale.

C E N T RAL of N EW J E RS E Y Class ' N E ' Steel Caboose - O M I #2820. FOLir additional versions of this car are available, see your favorite Overland dealer for details. Handcrafted i n brass by Ajin Precision of Korea In N s cale.

U N I O N PAC I F I C Class 'CA-5' Steel Caboose - Only a few of U P cabooses are left i n stock. Check out these accurately proportioned models . . . seeing is appreciating. H a ndcrafted i n brass by Ajin Precision of Korea i n N s cale.

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