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August 2003 - Page 67

Ilelll #30S 1 0 # 2 3 1 /#454: w/Mars Ughl Ilelll 11308 1 1 N248/11:\70: w/Mars Ughl

Ilem # 308 1 2 N50l511; w/Mars Lighl

C hicago & North Western


I tem 11308 1 4 114022; w/Mars Lighl Ilelll N308 1 5 114025; w/Mars Lighl

Chcsal'c"ke & Ohio

M ilwaukee Road Item N30819 N 32iVN.'41l; w/'lars Lighl S hown Above I tem N308 1 8 N30iVN3)Il; IV/Mars L ighl





---- - w Southern Uailway




Item 1130820 #6904T; w/Mars Ughl Ilem 3082 1 11690711; w/Mars Lighl 200j Life-Like Products, LtC 1 600 U nion Ave.

Item N30822 116048; w/Mars Liglll Ilem N3082.\ 1I6050; wlars Lighl

Ilem 11:;08 1 3 115027B; wlMars Lighl

U nion Pacific Ilem It:10824 119:\1I119:141l; w/Mars Lighl Ilelll 1130S25 11954/1197:JB; 11'/0 Mars Lighl

I lem 1l308 1 G 1I79G; IV/Mars Lighl

Louisville & NHShvilic

Ilelll N308 1 7 11794: w/'lars Ughl

l 3altimore. M O 2 1 2 1 I

I n Canada: 1 40 Applcwood Cresn :nt

C oncord. Ont:lrio 1 .4K 4E2 Visit our website: www.lifcli keprodllclS.COI11

ain Sets!
f i n e l y deta i l e d Micro-Tra i ns ra i l cars i n a wide selection of pop ular road n a m es, a n d q u a l ity locos b u i l t by such fi n e m o d e l compa n i e s a s Kato, Atlas, and Life - Li k e .

A l l sets i nc l u d e

P rototypica l Sets S pecia l E d ition Sets S ca l e Set S ca Ie Sets


S ta rter Sets Ta ble/Desk To p Sets C o l l ector Sets


Table/Desk Sets Co l lector Sets
and cors .

power pack, track and reroiler ro mp .

i nclude locomotive,

cars, trock and reroiler romp. i nclude locomolive


See your local, autho rized Micro-Tro ins@) dealer for rood n o m e a vaila bi l ity.


S pecial Edition Sets include I OC01l1oti\'e a nd cars in non
prototypical road names .

. Available through your local authorized Micro-Trains dealer f ;;":
" IoioI ;"w ""I ;.;.I ' "

r 2003 Micro-Trai n s ' Li ne Co. 0 P.O. Box 1 200, latent OR 97540- j 200 USA Web: wW\V.ll1icro-trai n s . col11 0 E I11 J I : rn t l @ rn i c l"O- t r a i n s . c om

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