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August 2003 - Page 6

By Mi ke Budde

T he auto rack is an icon of the seventies, but the most common cars are not made by any of the model manuf acturers. You can, however, convert existing Walthers and A ccurail models to match these common cars. The f irst two parts ofthis series were in the March and D ecember 200 1 issues of "TheJournal."There's an index of all previous articles on auto racks on our website at www

These bi-Ievels full of 1991 Dodges moving east from the Fenton, Missouri Assembly Plants 1 and 2 were shot in Frisco's Lindenwood Yard in St. Louis. They illustrate the variety of corrugated metal paneling used for side protection. The thin corrugations seen on the orange CSX (ex-ICG) car can be modeled with Evergreen number 4526 siding. The Conrail (ex-NYC) uses the much more common larger corrugations modeled in this article with number 4528 siding. The medium corrugations seen on the yellow L&N car match Evergreen's number 4527 siding. -Mike Budde photo, St. Louis, M issouri, November 1990


hroughout the l ate 1970s and early to m i d-80s, the majority of auto racks In the U . S . were "first generation" open racks retrofitted with some type of side protection. In the l ast couple of articles i n this series we l ooked at ways to model the railroads' early efforts at preventing vandalism by adding side protection. Various types of protective panel s were tried, including mesh screening ( Part 1 , March 200] i ssue of "The Journal") a nd fiberglass (Part 2, December 200 1 i ssue). After

e xperimenting with these different matetials, most rai lroads settled on some type of cOlTugated metal siding since it offered the best protection as well as being the most readily available. In this article we' l l concentrate on modeLing the metal siding on Accurai l ' s Paragon/Portec prototype racks, and in an upcoming article, we'll see how to apply this type of siding to models from other manufacturers including Quality Craft/Gloor Craft, Custom Rail , and Bachmann. The December 200 1 article included two bi-Ievel cars that used Evergreen

corrugated styrene to represent white corrugated fiberglass panels. Thi s same styrene product is what we' l l use to represent the metal siding, too. In fact, Evergreen cal l s thi s styrene sheet "Metal Siding," and their product numbers 4525 through 4528 are the sizes most useful for this project. Number 4525 has the smal lest corrugations, and the sizes of corrugations increase up to n u mber 4528. When ooking at the prototype photos accompanying this article, you can see a great deal of variations in the styles of metal siding used.

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