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Scale U25B nd4-Bay Centerflow Hoppers have returned with stunnin9 new paint schemes to add variety to your rail road fleet! r N U258 LOCDmotiv8'S

DecoderStandard Equipped Item# Item#
44595-44596 44597-44598 44599 44505-44506 44507-44508 44509 44700 44795-44796 44797-44798 44799-44800 44705-44706 44707-44708 44709-44710

With outstanding features such as directional lighting, Scale Speed motor, white LED's, blackened metal wheels, full pilots with body mounted AccuMate couplers, painted railings (where appropriate), crisp paint ing and lettering and much more, these engines will be the main attraction on your layout.

NEW HEMES! 4, 8ay Cllnterfl()w}
Built in the early 1970's by ACF to haul plastics and different types of granular commodities, Atlas' ready-to run version of the 5250 4-Bay Covered Hopper Car features 100-ton roller bearing trucks, accurate painting and lettering, body mounted brake cylinders and more. Atlas' hoppers will make a perfect addition to your rolling stock fleet.

Louisville & Nashville (Gray/Yellow) Southern Pacific (Gray/Scarlet) Southern Pacific (Red/White/Blue) Undecorated Chicago Burlington & Quincy (Red/Gray) Great Northern (Blue/White/Dark Gray) Penn Central (BlacklWhite)



N U25B Locomotives- Phase 2A 44500 Undecorated

N U25B Locomotives- Phase 2B

(Item #39711)

39661-39662 39671-39672 39681-39682 39691-39692 39701-39702 39711-39712 39721-39722

Dupont (Gray/Black/Red) Family Lines (Yellow/Black) Hercules (Grey/Black/Red/Yellow) Honeymead (Tan/Brown) Novamont (Gray/Black) Rio Grande (Orange & Black) Union Carbide (Gray/Black)

N 4-Bay Centerflow Hoppers 3950 Undecorated

Atlas Model HO & N Scale

For the 2003 Winter/Spring Catalog, please send $2.00 to Locomotives & Rolling Stock the address shown below.

378 Florence Ave Hillside. NJ



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