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White. Use a wet Q-tip with Champ decal setting solution to remove the white, as desired, for a splotchy fading pattern (see Photo 17). (Note: Champ decal setting solution will remove the decals if rubbed too much. The clear lacquer provides better protection than Dullcote, but still use sparingly.) Next, apply a light grime wash, one part Railroad Tie Brown and one part Weathered Black to the side and ends of the car using the Q-tip weathering technique. Add two parts water to the grime paint and apply with a small brush to one panel at a time. Then, use a dry Q-tip to remove the wash, waiting only about ten seconds. A wet Q-tip with decal setting solution can be used to remove more of the wash, but be careful around the decals (see Photo 18 & 19). The last weathering step is to airbrush the hopper bays, underbody, and to dust the rest of the car with Railroad Tie Brown, thinned about 30 percent with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Paint the end loops of the air release rods white, the glad hands and angle cock on the air hoses silver, and drybrush a little black on the tack boards. Then, lightly drybrush the chain below the brakewheel, the glad hands and angle cock with Rust. Seal with Testors Dullcote. Kadees self-centering trucks were substituted for the kits trucks and wheelsets. The wheelsets were removed, painted Rust, and the treads polished using a Dremel tool to simulate shiny metal. The wheelsets were then drybrushed with a little Railroad Tie Brown to give each wheelset a different rust/weathering pattern. After removing the trip pins from Kadees #58 couplers, the trucks and couplers were airbrushed with one part Rust and one part Railroad Tie Brown. Install the couplers, adjusting the coupler height as necessary. Highlight the trucks by drybrushing with a little Rust, especially on the springs and journals. Before installing the wheelsets, paint the brakeshoes on the trucks with grime and install the trucks per Kadees instructions. I now have my Frisco car.

Part No. 13002 180007 53006 2206 2210 2505 2528 6215 Eel River Models ERM-500 Evergreen 101 103 112 114 115 122 123 124 127 142 263 InterMountain 40339-4750 Kadee 58 256 555 Plano 083 Plastruct 90501 90531 90736 90852 90854 48134 16-01 16-12 16-39 414113 414323 414329 2015 87-2 87-444 87-632 MC-4276 187-371 Manufacturer A-Line Atlas Athearn Detail Associates



Precision Scale AccuFlex Polly Scale Testors Microscale

Oddball Decals

Description 1 /2 oz. weights Brake gear set Discharge gates (outlet covers) Eyebolts Safety chain .015 brass wire .015 x .042 brass strip Coupler lift bars with eyebolts Freight car detail set .010 x .030 strip styrene .010 x .060 strip styrene .015 x .040 strip styrene .015 x .080 strip styrene .015 x .100 strip styrene .020 x .040 strip styrene .020 x .060 strip styrene .020 x .080 strip styrene .020 x .156 strip styrene .040 x .040 strip styrene .100 channel 4,750 cu. ft. undecorated covered hopper Couplers Delrin insulating screws, #56 x 1/2" long Self-centering roller bearing freight trucks 4750 cu. ft. covered hopper roofwalk, Mortonround pattern 3 /64" angle 1 /16" (.060) channel .030 x .125 styrene strip .025 hips rod .035 hips rod Clevis, .100 long x .045 thick Engine Black Primer Gray Southern Pacific Letter Gray Reefer White Rust Railroad Tie Brown Model Master Flat Clear Lacquer Gothic Style RR Data & ACI Plates ATSF Gray Covered Hoppers Union Pacific Style Alphabets & Numbers ConAgra PS 3-Bay Covered Hopper SLSF PS-4750 Covered Hopper



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