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Weathering on prototype car.

Paint and Decals
This lot of Frisco covered hoppers was delivered in gray paint with black used roughly below the sidesills. Start with a coat of primer gray, thinned about 30 percent with 70% isopropyl alcohol. After priming, paint the car with thinned SP Letter Gray. Due to the open ends, I masked the car sides and ends across the truck bolsters and sprayed the underside and hopper bays black. Then, with a fine brush, everything below the diagonal braces was painted black, including the bottom two steps of the end ladders. After the paint had dried, it was sprayed with Testors Glosscote before decaling. Oddball Decals #371 was used for the majority of the black lettering. The reporting marks with this set are too small and not the correct font. I used the 10" letters and numbers from Microscale 87-632. The small black lettering to the left of the warning decal came from Microscale 87-444. The white lettering for the hopper bays, center sill and jacking pads are from Microscale MC-4276 along with the lube plates and yellow end lettering. The ACI plates are from Microscale 87-2. The end reporting marks and brake lettering came from an old Herald King H-463, but the brake lettering can be pieced together from Microscale 87-2 and the end reporting marks from the Oddball set. Decal setting solution was applied after setting each decal in place. When finished, the car was sprayed with flat clear lacquer to seal and protect the decals for weathering (see Photo 16).

Painted and decaled car before weathering.

Car after fading with white paint, but before grime washing.

Car with grime wash on left panels up to the s in Frisco.

In looking at the prototype, three distinct weathering patterns can be seen the fading of the gray paint to white, the black streaks on the car sides, and the underbody/hopper bay grime. Starting with the fading, I sprayed the roof and the car sides lightly and spottily with thinned Reefer

Car after grime wash, but before airbrushing hopper bays and underbody.



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