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August 2003 - Page 4

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The Big

Boy is Back!

With New Road Number, 4015, and Steam Sound Effects.

MSRP $798

Now equipped with DCC decoder that provides steam sound effects and controls several operational functions.
The new HO 2-rail Big Boy is the largest HO steam locomotive ever built by TRIX and is designed specifically for North American 2-rail DC model railroaders and has a scale length of 18-5/16" and weighs over 2 lbs. 10 oz. CHECK OUT THE FEATURES OF THE NEW BIG BOY 4015: All Metal Construction Metal frame, boiler, tender body and tender frame State of the Art Electronics Built-in DCC decoder provides steam sound effects and allows you to control whistle, bell, lights, braking and speed Synchronized and Asynchronized Sound Authentic Design High Efficiency motor RP 25 Wheel Flanges Kadee Coupler #18 Factory-ready for two Seuthe smoke generators
#T24900* MSRP $29.95 #T24901 MSRP $39.95

For more information on the TRIX HO 2-Rail DC Big Boy #T22599, visit, or call (800)825-0888 for the name of your nearest dealer.

*Available with different slogans and 20 individual car numbers. Check for details.
TRIX is a company of the

MRR 8-03


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