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Cleburne Classic... The CF7

DCC g Quick-Plu Equipped

The New Ready-To-RollTM CF7 units featuring DCC Quick-Plug Technology


n 1970, the Santa Fe at its Cleburne, Texas shops began a rebuilding program to convert 200 obsolete F units for use in secondary switching and for branch-line service. The F unit car body did not lend itself to this type of service; therefore a new style car body was designed utilizing many of the components off the original locomotives. Prime movers and traction motors were also rebuilt. The CF7 rebuild program proved to be one of the largest and most successful diesel rebuild projects. CF7s continued service with the Santa Fe for nearly twenty years before retiring from service on the railroad. Many were then sold to the expanding short line market and continue in service to this day. This locomotive features Athearns new Quick-Plug technology. Just plug in any 9-pin DCC decoder and youll be running. No more replacing light bulbs or isolating motors, just DCC fun.

91531 - ATSF - Pinstripe #2627 - Round Cab 91532 - ATSF - Pinstripe #2630 - Round Cab

91535 ATSF - Warbonnet #2633 - Angle Cab 91536 ATSF - Warbonnet #2486 - Angle Cab

91538 - Amtrak #586 - Angle Cab

91533 - ATSF - Warbonnet #2548 - Round Cab 91534 - ATSF - Warbonnet #2496 - Round Cab

91537 - Amtrak #594 - Round Cab
Athearn Ready-To-Roll HO Scale CF7 features:

91539 - LA Junction #2619 - Angle Cab

Fully Assembled and Ready to Operate Quick Plug DCC- Add any nine pin equipped DCC decoder and youre ready to go. No bulb changes or rewiring New Hex Drive Line for smooth and quiet operation Directional headlights Blackened Machined Metal Wheels New micro-tooled cooling fans Body mounted knuckle couplers

Razor-Sharp painting and printing Factory applied details: Celcon hand rails Prototypically mounted air horns Flush mounted clear window glazing Blomberg B truck side frames with applied brake cylinders and shock absorbers Photo-etched cab sun shades
2003 Athearn, Inc.

ATHEARN, INC. 19010 LAUREL PARK ROAD, COMPTON, CA 90220 (310) 631-3400 FAX (310) 885-5296

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