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Part II

By R ichard Hendrickson
Some real railroads converted sing/e door 40100/ box cars into door-and-a half cars. Here's how you can duplicate the results of their conversions in HO scale.

s detailed in part I, in the February 1 993 issue of "The Journal," b oth the Cana dian National and the Grand Trunk Western owned 1 Y2-door auto mobile car versions of the eN's 1 9 1 6-27 vintage single-sheathed box cars. In later years, many of the GTW 58 1 00058 1 999 series cars had their auxiliary doors secured shut and were equipped with various types of racks for auto mobile parts loading. In this form they carried parts from manufacturing plants in the Great Lakes states to the regional auto assembly plants which were estab lished in many parts of the U . S . fol lowing World War II. I wanted to model one of these door and-a-half GTW cars and, in comparing the prototype photos with Accurail ' s kit, found that a relatively simple kitbashing project would produce the desired re sults. In addition to one complete kit, I needed another Accurail car body, but the leftover parts from the second kit trucks, floor, underframe and Hutchins roof - will all be used in other mod eling projects. Adding the auxiliary doors is, of course, the major modification that's required. There is more than one way to accomplish this. New auxiliary doors can be fabricated from sheet and strip styrene, though making them match the main doors in appearance wouldn' t be easy. Or the doors from a second body


Still in revenue service when photographed in the late 1 950s, GTW 58 1291 was essentially the same car as when it was delivered in 1 923 but showed a number of minor changes such as AB air brakes (note the transverse mounted reservoir), a geared hand brake and AAR trucks. The diagonal braces at the lower corners of the sides had also been removed and replaced by corner gussets, with additional gussets added on either side of the doors. - H. B. Miller photo

This finished model represents GTW 58 1974, one of the cars assigned to auto parts service circa 1 947. Note the bar-and-circle symbols on the doors indicating that the car is equipped with parts racks, the "single door car" sten ciling on the auxiliary doors, and the "return when empty" stenciling next to the doors. Original K type air brakes and vertical staff hand brakes survived on most of these cars into the 1 950s, and many also kept their Vulcan trucks with bolted-in journal boxes until mid- 1 950s, when they were outlawed for interchange service in the U.S. - Model and photos, Richard H. Hen drickson

Another view of the finished model.



April 1 993

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