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swabs dipped in Badger brush cleaning fluid. This gives a general dirty tone to the model. The doors and door tracks are brush painted using the same basic colors and application method. Again, studying the prototype is the best guide for coming up with a realistic appearance. The roof is probably the most visible part of the model for most folks. If you have a high layout the roof of a freight car may not be so noticeable. I studied photos of several boxcars with galvanized roofs before starting. I have long felt that if given sufficient photography I can paint or model most anything within reason. This model

is no exception. I looked at prototype photos and painted the roof as if it were my artists canvas. Not much else that I can say other than telling you that MODELflex Roof Brown was applied with a small paint brush to get the dark areas and the rest of the rust is MODELflex Rail Brown. The process was continued until the entire body was weathered. Personally, I think that this may be the finest weathering job that I have done to date. Thats a big plus for me as I felt that some other folks had gotten the edge on me when it comes to freight car weathering. I think that I am now back in the hunt.

JUNE 2004


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