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Do half of a car side completely before continuing on. Once the seven side panels of the half-side are done, do the adjacent door. Afterward continue on to the second door, then the left half of the car side.

The gouges caused by the door sliding are created in much the same way as are the rust splotches. Dab on Roof Brown, then streak with Rail Brown. The most distinctive feature of the weathering on the car sides is the application of the many rust splotches. Fortunately, they are easy to apply. Using a small paintbrush and the Roof Brown paint apply dabs of paint in various size splotches and in various locations. I studied many photos of 1970s-vintage NYC boxcars (along with some Conrail-era PC boxcars) to get a feel for where to place splotches and how large or small to make them. Allow sufficient time for the splotches to dry. Once the Roof Brown splotches have dried, use a small paintbrush dabbed in some MODELflex Rail Brown paint that has been ever so slightly diluted with water, and dab this paint directly onto a rust splotch. Then, using your finger, smear it downward. Repeat this step until the desired effect results. You can also do a little drybrushing with the Rail Brown. Once satisfied move on to another rust splotch and repeat the process. At this time I recommend rusting the roof edge above where you have been applying rust splotches. Combinations of both Roof Brown and Rail Brown are dabbed in with a paint brush. You can use the same method that was used to streak the rust splotches to create rust streaks down the side from the roof. Another distinctive sign of age are the long gouges in the car sides caused by the door sliding and scraping across the paint. These scrapes and gouges are recreated on the model in much the same way as are the rust splotches. Dab on Roof Brown, then streak with Rail Brown. Before continuing on to the door itself one last step needs to be taken with the side panels. A very light wash of Polly Scale Railroad Tie Brown is applied to the side panels then wiped off with cotton


JUNE 2004

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