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CR 580528. Original number with steel floor. Allentown, PA; December 12, 2004.

CR 580994. Original number with steel floor. Allentown, PA; December 12, 2004.

Original Chooch load.



x .030 styrene strip. Then, the sides of the bases extending past the base of the coils were removed using a Dremel tool with a cutting disk (see Photo 13). Airbrush the reworked ends with ATSF Silver. Fellow modeler Kurt Kruse suggested airbrushing the load with a bluishgray overspray to represent the tint that comes from the hot rolling process. The load was lightly oversprayed with a homemade bluish-gray tint made from two parts Southern Pacific Lettering Gray and one part B&M Blue. To help hide the base of the load and blend it into the interior of the gondola, paint the base of the load Eric Lackawanna Maroon. Brush the bands that hold the coils together and the center of the end coils with Engine Black before sealing the load with Dullcote (see Photos 14). The load was then attached to floor of the gondola.

Modified load before repainting. Note the hollowed-out ends and added styrene end bandings. Completed load. Note how the base has been trimmed and painted and the banding painted black. I would like to thank my friends on the Modern Freight Car Internet List for their help and suggestions, especially Chris Butts,

Completed car.



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