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V&O F3A 229 provided the other half of the interchange consist. Since I had an undecorated Stewart F3A and Life-Like FA2 on hand I was ready to go. However, I still had to come up with a caboose for the transfer runs. The V&O in the 1950s had a large roster of older Santa Fe-style cabooses painted a classic caboose red, and new bay window cabooses painted in the later blue paint scheme. Being something of a traditionalist, I decided to go with the red caboose. This was a fortuitous choice since I was at a train show and was able to pick up one of the new Athearn Santa Fe caboose models. These are the same cabooses Allen used for his models but with recently updated details such as cast plastic handrails and styrene window glass inserts. One of my goals in this project was to use some of the highest quality models and detail parts that were not available when Allen developed most of his early diesel roster, to in essence bring V&O modeling up to current standards. With the models selected and on hand it was finally time to get out the glue and detail parts.

On another day at the same location V&O caboose 361 is still coupled up to the power consist.

D e t a i l s f o r t h e FA 2
To begin this project I used medium- and fine-grade sanding sticks to remove the mold-parting lines on the nose, which are quite apparent. With that done, the next big project was adding dynamic brakes and the correct exhaust stack to the FA2. My model was one of the early release units that came without dynamic brakes. However, in the most recent release of these units some had them, so you can save yourself a little work if you can find one. Assuming you end up with a non-dynamic unit, heres how to fix it. The good news is that Cal-Scale (CS) makes a nice dynamic brake casting (CS 461-462) in both plastic and brass. The bad news is that these castings are not made to be surface mounted you have to cut a rectangular hole in the roof in which to mount them. I centered the casting in the proper location on the roof and traced its

Notice the new Cal-Scale dynamic brake and turbo exhaust stack, and the DA lift rings that I added to the FA2.

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