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Bill of Materials
Manufactuere Detail Associates Part No. 2215 2221 2225 2312 2402 2808 6210 184 265 268 9009 9020 58 498 LS 22 15035 445 110006 110007 110013 110086 414110 414299 87-49 Description 28" ladder-type grabirons, F/E units 41" cab-roof grab, EMD F & E A-units 14" straight grabirons Cab wind deflector, Prime straight Exhaust stack EMD non-turbo, GP/SD Speed recorder Freight-car grabiron, straight Automatic Train Stop device MU hoses (4) w/mounting bracket Air hose locomotive, w/extension & angle cock .005 sheet styrene .020 sheet styrene Air horn details from F-unit kit Scale metal couplers .015 music wire Handrail set for P1K C-Liner Lenses for backup light 1 /32" (O.D.) tube Brake cylinders, passenger (or Athearn Dash 9/ AC4400CW (modified) Dust Rail Brown Grimy Black Grime Steam Power Black Flat Aluminum NYC Cab Locomotives would have it they were able to provide me with a set. Since these were intended for the C-Liner the mounting varied slightly from how they are applied to the Erie-Built. For the most part I drilled holes in the top locations for the handrails and mounted them to the body while cementing them to a contact point on the lower area. The short handrails

Details West Evergreen InterMountain Kadee K&S Engineering Life-Like Products MV Products Special Shapes Train Station Products Floquil

at the rear had to be shortened to properly fit that area of the model. At this stage the body and chassis were re-assembled and a pair of Kadee No. 58 scale couplers were installed. The couplers were brush-painted with Floquil Rail Brown. The added details were brushpainted with Polly Scale Steam Power Black. The re-assembled model was then airbrushed with a formula I call Road Grime. This is a combination of Floquil weathering colors containing Grime, Dust, Rail Brown and Grimy Black thinned 90%. Once the completed model had sufficient time to dry I applied cab wind deflectors to each side of the cab. The model was then ready to place into service.

New York Central System Diesel Locomotives by William D. Edson with H. L. Vail and C. M. Smith. Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives in Color by Jim Boyd. Erie-Builts and H20-44s by David R. Sweetland.

Polly Scale Microscale

drilled through the bell, and then it was slid onto the wire and glued together with CA. After modeling a P1K C-Liner I admired the beautiful castings that were done for the handrails. Rather than make my own handrails for the Erie-Built, I checked with Life-Like to see if they had the C-Liner handrails available separately. As luck

I wish to give a special thanks to fellow modeler and St. Louis Mob member Dave Madman Davis for our brainstorming sessions.

These two views show the model with all the added details (minus the hand rails) and modifications prior to touch-up painting.

MAY 2005


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