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Overlook Station on the CC&N Main. Overlook Station is another fine example of numerous scratchbuilt structures featured on the layout. A feast for the eyes, these structures were built during an era when the numerous kits we have available today did not exist. Club members constantly labor to preserve all of these priceless gems. proceed, they view the cityscapes of Mt. Penn and Conshohocken. The tenement housing, warehouses, street scenes, parks, road construction and even a carnival greet the visitors gaze with detail and a close approximation of city life. As the visitor continues, the landscape slowly blends into suburbia. The railroad passes by stations, businesses, highway crossings and tributaries flowing into the tranquil Schuylkill River. Eventually, the visitor winds their way to the mountains of Pennsylvania. The rural characteristics are well represented as a time warp slowly encompasses the visitor into a bygone display of mountain railroading. The club welcomes visitors and new members openly, provided it is on Tuesday nights. Since 1988, the club was organized as a 501c7 non-profit corporation. Special tours have been held for local organizations, historic groups, Boy and Cub Scouts and others. The club tries to promote the hobby and the interests in railroads to any group or individual upon request. Every third Sunday of the month is operations. Operations are done via a card system and utilize a central dispatcher, in a separate room, to yardmasters and operators, all done through radio headsets or by a telephone system. One operating session can last the afternoon and sometimes carries over to the next month. The Schuylkill Valley holds their annual public open house on the weekend after Thanksgiving, the first weekend in December and the first three weekends in January. Many of the visitors are regulars and rarely leave without seeing something new. The club can be contacted at (610) 935-1126 or Thanks to all the club members who made this possible. I would like to thank Dave Paden for his concept of the fictional history of the SV. Dave is no longer with us, and I incorporate his ideas as a tribute to his childlike enthusiasm, imagination and his love of trains. You are missed. Ron Natale

Jerrys Rod Shop is a favorite hangout for Lorane Motorheads, Greasers and Debs. The 1927 Ford Model T hotrod was built from a Jordan kit. A DPM kit was the starting point for the garage. To the right is the highly detailed storefront and interior of Theresas Fashions.

A Reading Baldwin Switcher makes its way over the Reifton Trestle in Reifton, PA. This structure was entirely scratchbuilt in 1968.


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