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MT Penn Tower on the SV Main. A Reading Geep, with hack in tow, deadheads back to Carbon County & Northern Junction (CC&N) This is a Reading reroute move on the SV through Mount Penn, PA.


ennsylvanias regional Schuylkill (pronounced School-Kill) Valley Railroad (SV) offers something unique and exciting among club environments for serious modelers in HO scale. Tucked away in the Philadelphia suburb of Phoenixville, SVs 660 mainline represents a high-density, single-track, freight-dominant trunk line linking the metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and Reading. In true prototype fashion, the clubs layout is strictly point-to-point. Long and short passing sidings, numerous on-line industries and minor railroad interchanges provide frequent operating challenges. There are large, fully operational yards and engine terminals at each end. Additional high-volume interchanges with major connecting railroads are simulated by three even-larger hidden staging yards. Locomotives from early steam types to the newest diesels can be found on the line. Although this rewrites history the way many of the members wish it had occurred, this convenient time warp seems to please members and visitors alike. Many engines and cars display SVs own steam-era freight and passenger schemes, as well as first-, second- and third-generation diesel paint schemes. Traditional connecting railroads (LV, L&NE, PRR, B&O and Reading) are

also well represented in on-line traffic. There is an ever-changing variety of trackage rights, run-throughs and emergency reroutes from such interline partners as B&O/CSX, D&H/Guilford/CPR, NYC/CR plus a number of fictional railroads and car lines drawn from members private layouts

and collections. Also interchanging with the SV is the independent, shipper-owned Carbon County & Northern Railroad (CC&N), which connects with the SV at Carbon County (CC) Junction at the sleepy little town of Gibraltar and extends to Allentown.


Tunnel Hill Grade Crossing, Phoenixville, PA. A film crew films a run-by of an SV steam excursion. This excursion is powered by SVs 4-8-2 #4820.


MARCH 2005

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