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The completed tank car from the B end. storage box. At this point I painted the major components as Ill describe in a moment. After painting, add the decals making sure they will not end up under the tank bands. Once again, check the predrilled holes to make sure none were filled with paint. Now its time to glue the tank to the deck and the platform to the tank. With these major components glued together I started adding the water pump and its plumbing. Make sure you paint the pump casting before installing it since it will be very hard to do so afterwards without messing up the pump plank. I also suggest you paint the individual sections of pipe as you install them since it is difficult to get to some after the other plumbing is installed. Following the instructions I built and installed the hose reel and its hose and connected it to the water pump using the plumbing casting provided. I then added the ladders, air hoses and the couplers.

The opposite side of the tank car from the B end.

Okay, lets talk about how I painted these two models. First, I spray painted the underside of each car and its sides and ends using Light Tuscan Oxide Red (all paints mentioned are MODELflex). Next I covered the center of each tank mounting area with masking tape and sprayed the decks, platform and trucks with random areas of Earth, Milwaukee Brown and Reefer Gray. To blend all these colors together I oversprayed them with a light coat of Wabash Gray. Once all these had dried, I hand applied a wash of india ink diluted 10:1 with alcohol. This mixture settles into all the little nooks, crannies and crevices and gives a nicely

weathered look. In areas where the ink pigment went on too dark or blotchy, I used a paintbrush wet with alcohol to even it out. I have found this method much easier to control than using diluted acrylic paint. I used some sprays of reefer gray to weather the trucks and applied some rust to the trucks and couplers by drybrushing with Milwaukee Brown. I then applied my homemade Virginia & Mt. Airy decals and went over both cars with coats of Dullcote.

Like all of the Foothill Model Works kits I have seen, these build into a couple of really beautiful cars. The castings are crisp, accurate, and have very little flash. The fire car is a real eye catcher with all its interesting details and piping. In addition to occupying a special place in a main yard or being stored on a siding, I plan to include it in work trains, and during fire season to include it on local runs to the log camps.



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