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Looking down on the platform you can see the arrangement of the hose spool and if you look real close, the supports for the ladder.

This photo of the B end of the fire car gives a better view of the train air line. Heres the completed fire car as seen from the A end.

The completed fire car from the opposite side. point the deck and frame were ready for paint. On the tank I installed the handrail stanchions and rail as well as a wire handle on the dome. One end of the tank has a cast opening for the spigot and pipe to the water pump the hole in this needs to be drilled out to receive the tank spigot casting. Finally I added the hose hanger and NBW casting through it. The last major component to be built was the platform for the top of the tank. Its a pretty straightforward job to glue the supports to the bottom of the platform casting and then add the tool and nozzle



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