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The trucks for the fire car lack the brake beams and are much simpler and easier to build.

The B end of the fire car is less complex that the tank car. Mounting the brake staff through the wooden beam makes it a much easier installation.

Heres the ratchet and pawl and the ratchet and pawl mounting bracket installed on the deck with the brake staff inserted through them.

This bottom view reveals how the brake chain is simply wrapped around the lower portion of the brake staff.

The brake chain is then wrapped around the end of the brake rod and glued in place.

This lever, clevises and brake rods are the only complex part of the underbody brake rigging. are to install the couplers and the trucks.

Fire Car
Moving on to the fire car I went through the same preparations as on the tank car and also built the trucks. After drilling all the holes required in the deck and frame I installed the brake rigging, needle beams, body bolsters, truss rods and stirrup steps. On the deck I installed the train air line and the brake staff and its components. At this

Now isnt this underbody rigging arrangement a lot simpler!



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