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The brake cylinder is the central component of the underbody details get it correctly aligned and everything else will go a lot easier. Note how the T connector off the train line provides air to the brake cylinder.

On the other side of the brake cylinder you can see the air line for the brake retainer.

The pushrods for the floating lever pass through a pair of holes cast into the needle beam on the B end of the car this is where having the brake cylinder accurately aligned is critical.

The live lever and its bracket are positioned against the needle beam toward the A end of the car.

The air line takes a zigzag across the main frame beams under the A end of the car. From the underside you can see how the brake chain runs from the Lovested chain spool on the brake staff to the brake rod. installed the air line on the opposite side of the brake cylinder that goes to the retainer on the B end. Next I moved on to adding the brake rigging. FMWs measurements for the various brake rods make this process go quickly. The only time-consuming part is preparing the clevises its all too easy to cut too deep when separating them from the sprue. Once the brake rigging is completed you can add the truss rods and the air-hose castings. With all these components installed I added the brake retainer, brake staff and associated components. Turning to the tank casting itself, I installed the short dome, drilled holes in the dimples provided and installed a wire handle. After that I drilled holes for the handrail stanchions and installed them and the handrail. At this point the major components are done, and its time to paint them. Since I painted both the tank car and the fire car the same way, Ill go over that after covering the fire car. Once the paint had dried and hardened, I applied the decals. When doing this make sure you place the decals so they wont be directly under the tank bands. Also, ream out the holes you previously drilled in the deck for the tank band cables it is almost impossible to do this once the tank is glued in place. The final steps

Train line air hoses are glued in place on the side of the brake draft gear box.

Heres how the B end looks with all the details in place.

The completed tank car ready for paint.



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