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Elmers White Glue has been spread onto the module in preparation for the application of ground foam.

Rock riprap has been glued to the shoreline, ground foam applied, and the rock cut has been painted gray.

Marsh on inside of module after Realistic Water has been added and dried.

Marsh on inside of module after Water Effects in its wet, paste form has been added with paintbrush.

Marsh on inside of module after Water Effects in its wet form has been added. grass mats are torn into small pieces and glued into place and Woodland Scenics static grass is blown into place using a special application bottle (Noch Flock Applicator). I spread white glue onto the location to receive the static grass and then blew it into place with the Noch Flock Applicator. As I mentioned earlier, it is safer to scenic the module with ground foam and ballast before adding the water products from Woodland Scenics. For trees I chose several types of commercial products, various Woodland Scenic trees, Faller Firs, Scenic Express Super Trees, and

Masking tape and rubber silicone applied to outside of module to provide dam in preparation of pouring of Realistic Water. Heki Small Pines and Deciduous. All trees are permanently secured in place with Walthers Goo. First I determined where the trees were to be located then I drilled holes directly into the module to facilitate planting the trees. As to the track, Atlas HO code 83 flextrack or Pilz HO code 83 flextrack was used. The latter is a product from Germany that I had available. All track was spray painted with Floquil Rail Brown, and the ties were brush painted with AccuFlex Weathered Black. I used Woodland Scenics gray blend ballast in the medium grit. The



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