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Huron River west corner module in raw form with road bed and unshaped white beaded foam terrain.

Primed Homa-bed roadbed and shaped white beaded foam terrain.

Homa-bed roadbed and shaped white beaded foam terrain painted with brown flat latex paint. priate colors. I used flat brown and flat black paint and Liquid Pigment (black and raw umber). The dark colors are used for the riverbed and the lighter color is used for the shoreline. The colors are blended dark to light to achieve contrast in depth. Next comes the rock riprap; it can be glued in place with white glue or Woodland Scenics Scenic Glue, which is a heavy, white-colored glue that dries clear and has strong adhesive properties. Once the rock riprap is glued down I give it a misting of alcohol and go over it with matte medium applied with a squeeze bottle. The rock cuts, hills and terrain undulation were formed with white beaded foam. I shaped the foam with a serrated knife, hot wire tool and a rasp. The rock cuts are painted with artists latex paints in white, gray and black with a wash of Woodland Scenics Liquid Pigment in the stone gray color. I started with a base coat of white then stippled and streaked in the gray and black to get the rock/stone effect. This technique was taught to me by my good friend and fellow modeler, Bill Ello of the Atlanta Fremo Society, an HO modular train club in Atlanta, Georgia. The second step was to apply the greenery on the modules using water-soluble scenery techniques popularized in Dave Frarys book, How to build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery. The ground on the module had been painted with brown or earth-colored latex paint. I coated the areas on the module to be greened with white glue spread out with a paintbrush. Then I sprinkled on Woodland Scenics earth blend ground foam using their shaker bottle. Additional layers were then added, consisting of other colors and blends of flock and turf from Scenic Express (summer lawn, farm pasture, alpine meadow, scrub grass, etc.). Using a spray bottle, I sprayed the ground foam, flock and turf with a light mist of alcohol and sealed it with matte medium. In my opinion, visually, the look of the scenery is enhanced

Woodland Scenics Foam Putty and Flex Paste products used to smooth out gaps in the terrain and add additional texture.

Code 83 track painted Rail Brown, wired and installed on the module. The riverbed and marsh bed have been painted black and raw umber. by the variations in color. Most of the long grass on the modules is a grass mat product from Scenic Express called Silflor. I used three colors of Silflor grass mat; Heki Wild Grass mat in dark and light green; and Woodland Scenics static grass in dark, medium and light green. The Silflor and Heki



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