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January 2008 - Page 50

By V. S. Roseman
The dark green trucks of Railway Express were the 1940-1960 era's version of United Parcel Service's dedicated vehicles. There are no ready-builts, but they can be assembled from kits and plastic sheet and strip in any scale. There's an index of previous articles on passenger train modeling on our website at

The easy-to-build resin kits from Sylvan models (52229 Sylvan Road RR 2, Parkhill, Ontario, NOM 2KO, Canada). All these kits need is some minor flash removal with sandpaper or file, the usual rinse in soapy water, then plain water, and drying time. Then they can be painted and assembled. These models are the first I h ave encountered in HO scale that have positionable front wheels so you can point the wheels in or away from the curb and not just straight ahead. I usually have to bend axles or do surgery on model underframes to do this, so this resin kit involved less work than I usually have to do on injection-molded models. I made my own decals and placards so these would match my other trucks, but Sylvan kits come with a choice of ads and REA lettering and heralds.

Express time at Agua Fria with baggage carts providing temporary storage as parcels and bags are sorted into the awaiting trucks.

An REA repair yard recreated in 1/35 scale, which is close to the 1132 and 1129 scale model trains.


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