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January 2008 - Page 16

Photos from the collection of Louis A. Marre

SE 4

44 7I

fter the major rail roads fitted the i r named passenger trai ns with diesels, the yard switcher was one the first steam locomotives to be replaced on most rai lroads. Fairbanks Morse was one of the early diesel l ocomotive manufacturers, and the H1 0-44 was the unit that replaced several hundred 0-6-0 switchers. There's a "One Detail-At-A-Time" article on the Pennsy number 9080 H- 1 O-44 in the February ] 992 issue, and an article on the Santa Fe's 500-503-series H 1 0-44 diesels in the September 2007 issue of "The


T he Mil waukee Road (then the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Pau l & Pacific Railroad) bought units 747 and 76 1 (of 76 1 -770) in 1 949. Unit 747 was apparently part of a later series (740-744-plus) purchased in 1954. The units received the ' Road's standard marker lights and bell as well as al l-weather cab windows on both sides. They were l ater fitted with MU hoses and receptacles. Note that Milwaukee Road heralds on the cab sides are on separate plates-appl y the decals to .005inch-thick Evergreen styrene sheet cut to match the herald size.
S CALE MODEL H-1 0-445

HO Scale: Proto] 000, (Walthers i mported one from Roco 1 5 years ago), and Cary has a c ast-metal body to fit an Ahearn S- 1 2 chassis. N Scale: Mini trix (Model Power), out of production.

M il waukee Orange: Polly Scale 4 1 4211 0, Floquil 1 1 0 1 52, Badger Modelflex 1 642, Scalecoat 83, SMP Accupaint 13, or Pro Color 073

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