• 14 members led by Anton Mazza
    For those who like to talk about the CPR. Everything from Locos ,freight cars, structures, railfanning,modeling,etc...
  • 6 members led by Rich Wood
    A place to gather information about modeling the Grand Trunk RR. Real photos to reference for model railroading: Lets ...  more
  • 130 members led by Derek Key
    This is a group dedicated to keeping the honesty of model railroading intact. This group will have a list hobby shops, dealers, as well as ebay sellers your fellow modelers recommend as well as ones to avoid.
  • 11 members led by Quenneville Robert
    To all the family of Free-Mo
    Canada, U.S. Mexico
  • 1 member led by Wilfred Roberge
    The Bay Colony and Western is an informal point to point modular model railroad with a concentration on operations, especially switching, this ensures that there's always something happening. Members are from Cape Cod as well as Southeastern, MA
  • 1 member led by Wilfred Roberge
    The Teen Association of Model Railroaders is a National and International Model Railroad and Railfanning club for everyone but primarily focussed on teenagers. It was founded in 1964 when a teenager was denied membership in a model railroad club, so that ...  more
  • 19 members led by Thomas McEwen
    This will be a Bi-Weekly contest based on different topics relating to "Prototype Trains".We will present a topic ** and give you 7 days to add ONE photo and then we will add a poll afterwards for voting.We will be adding prizes after we get it ...  more
  • 31 members led by Ben Rynes
    A group for people who like modeling scenery and would like to share their knowledge.
  • 244 members led by Thomas McEwen
    This will be a Bi-weekly modeling contest that I will host.I will pick a topic and please enter a photo to represent that topic.There will be a poll to cast your votes for the best photo.Please only enter one photo per contest.No prizes (yet) but hopefull...  more
  • 17 members led by Charles Dood
    This group is for those who have limited space but enjoy the Ho Scale Life. Here we can discuss materials, and so on.