• 14 members led by Stephen Perrette
    A group for people into N scale trains
  • 218 members led by paul 'B&O' kray
    That project that went badly wrong, whether it was from your first days of modelling when you thought you could repaint that tyco to look like brass or a more recent mess up, we are all human and all make mistakes, so lets sit back and realize we all mess...  more
  • 4 members led by Andrew Schanck
    This is a group for railfans and modelers alike of the MMA and surrounding northern New England/Southern Canadian lines.
  • 111 members led by Matt Swart
    For folks who model any CSX Heritage roads. B&O, C&O, Chessie, ACL, L&N, PM, Etc
  • 129 members led by Tim Allen
    Since we see multiple "For Sale" Albums Ive decided to put together a group for trades only. Looking to trade that old Athearn BB for an Atlas model? Have plenty of rolling stock but need some structures for that empty corner section of the layout? Post...  more
  • 60 members led by Donald Dunn
    This Group is for discussing any thing steel mill related from models to the real thing.
  • 32 members led by Ryan Osmolski
    This is for anybody who knows or wants to know about the COER. If you have any pictures or know about the railroad, I encourage you to post it! Not many people know about this unique railroad, although it's a part of railroading history. She may be old...  more
  • 2 members led by Chris Williams
    Any one that likes GTW join this group. Model trains and real train fans welcomed here!
  • 15 members led by retrainmytrain on youtube
    anyone who likes CSX, RF&P or SCL join and talk about modeling these railroads!
  • 11 members led by retrainmytrain on youtube
    anyone who likes, models, or rides amtrak trains join this group!