• 8 members led by Rick Scott
    For all the Western Maryland Fans Out there
  • 6 members led by Bryce Gibbons
    Join if you are a fan of New England Southern!!!
  • 37 members led by Harry M Haythorn UPHS #4043
    If you have passenger cars, no matter how many come on over and join the Passenger Car Modelers.
  • 40 members led by Jay Tatum
    Learn prototype weathering of any model in any scale.
    This is our TrainLife presence. Please visit our forums for some weathering action!
  • 88 members led by Charlie Schulz (schul4)
    this group is for all railfans to share what they've seen lately what kind of equipment they have, where they railfan, etc.
  • 35 members led by Darin Larabee
    Welcome! This group will discuss the many aspects of model train photography. Information will cover getting from the first steps to the final images. Examples include; indoor and outdoor lightning, photo equipment, diorama ideas, forced perspective, and ...  more
  • 41 members led by Jay Tatum
    1/87 Scale (HO) vehicles are a very important part Scale Model Railroading. Lets discuss 1/87 - HO vehicles here. Anything goes, new products, new parts, new cottage industry items, future releases AND of course your scale vehicles.
  • 32 members led by Cullen Maher (Trainlover479)
    This group is for anyone interested in Live steam.
    Can be any guage from G Scale to stuff thats much bigger!
  • 37 members led by Brian Richards (brich2012)
    This is where you can discuss the NCE dcc systems and accessories
  • 10 members led by Bryce Gibbons
    Join if you are a fan of the MEC mountain division!!!