• 15 members led by Andrew Prohl
    we all go out around sussex wisconsin and railfan. logan garcia, andrew prohl, charlie schulz, brian richards, and kevin richards. follow us on youtube and or facebook as erobrailfans
  • 28 members led by Arthur Shelby
    i dont think there is much that can be posted on this group, but still, joining means you appriciate there art when you see them go by.
  • 64 members led by Ralph Young
    For those who long for the sounds and smell of steam powered locomotives, pulling freight over the mountains of the west.
  • 63 members led by marty makarick
    A place for
    N-Scale enthusiast to: Swap and Sell
    N-Scale related items,
    Sell hand made N-Scale items....  more
  • 62 members led by JT01 Flowmaster40Series
    This is a group where you can ask questions about the SD70ACe model or prototype and post photos and videos. Feel free to join.
  • 91 members led by Mike Cooper
    this group is like a petition to get a live chat box hear on train life saying stuff in our statuses don't seem to be working so maybe this will work guys worth a shot
  • 203 members led by Adam (adaribros)
    A group devoted to remembering the life one of the most influential modelers in the World!
  • 6 members led by Charlie Schulz (schul4)
    Fans of Bailey Yard and Golden Spike Tower
  • 3 members led by Jordan Murchison
    join if you have ever been involved in a conversation that has reached or passed 500 comments
  • 9 members led by nathan britton
    Just a group i have decided to start for people who live in Australia, or those who may be modelling an Australian railway or Loco or Rolling Stock.... Somewhere for us to share local hobbie shops that are our favourite and other things like that!!