• Rod Stewart

    Posted December 9, 2013 by G Scale Outlaw McGraw McGraw



    Posted December 8, 2013 by marty makarick

    PENN CENTRAL INFORMATION alco FILE Details for painting and decals.This information was found on website- http://pc.smellycat.com/pics/equip/diesel-alco.html   FA1'sNYC contributed three FA1s to PC, but they were all out of service by the end of 1968, and were never repainted into PC colors....

  • Somethings are never easy to say

    Posted December 1, 2013 by marty makarick

    Why do trains play such an important role in my life?   On another forum I wrote this to my friends , Jim had some problems and it really made me stop and think.    I'm Really Glad Someone Could Help him Out. Jim,I am glad someone stepped up to help you ,that is in a position t...

  • 1 Successful Long Pool Trip out of 8

    Posted December 1, 2013 by Scott Olson

    Had myself a pretty good run home tonite from Centralia to Galesburg.We made it into the yard in just under 11 hours.  This is the first trip in 8 tries that I even have made it north of Beardstown or over the Illinois River for a little perpsective, let alone all the way.  We actually had...

  • Centralia Long Pool

    Posted November 9, 2013 by Scott Olson

    Good morning from the train Mecca of Centralia IL.  I finally madde my first trip from Galesburg to Centralia on the new long pool.  The waters were parted for us yesterday when we left so to speak.  No trains had been ordered out of Galsburg for almost 12 hours when I went to work an...

  • Historic Gas Station in H0 as free download

    Posted August 14, 2013 by Peter Wehrhahn

    Where are your model people buying the gas for all the cars on your layout?Do you like to get a really fine model of an authentic US-prototype gasstation?The german cardmodel-designer Godwin T. Petermann makes his design available to everybody - for free! Thanks to Godwin. It is easy to build....

  • Count your blessings

    Posted July 8, 2013 by Joseph Antosiak

    I've often heard parents complain about their child's fascination with trains (real or model). When I hear "I just don't know what to do with him," I always feel compelled to tell them my story.   I was fascinated by trains since before I can remember; my mother told me that when she asked m...

  • Oversize Load Conditions

    Posted June 5, 2013 by Joseph Antosiak

    From Model Railroader magazine, July 2008: oversized loads may be moved in regular freight trains or in special trains. A special train is normally required when a dimensional load meets any of the following conditions:   - Overall width exceeds 13 feet; - multiple-car load over 135 feet lon...

  • Finally...........The Shack lives again!

    Posted May 24, 2013 by Rick Phipps

    Anyone of you that has been keeping up with me knows the conundrum I have been in for the last six months. For those of you who don't, a little history. I have been working at getting my Shack to a point to where I could comfortably set up a small HO scale layout. It is located in a 10' X 12' "shack...

  • The Model Railway Show - Download 'em all!

    Posted April 23, 2013 by Trevor Marshall

    Listeners have asked for this - and now we're delivering:All episodes of The Model Railway Show - right back to our very first show - are now available for downloading at the Internet Archive!https://archive.org/details/TheModelRailwayShowIn addition, we've updated our show feeds to iTunes and RSS, ...