Finally...........The Shack lives again!

  • Anyone of you that has been keeping up with me knows the conundrum I have been in for the last six months. For those of you who don't, a little history. I have been working at getting my Shack to a point to where I could comfortably set up a small HO scale layout. It is located in a 10' X 12' "shack" that used to house my yard tools and lawn mower. Having a son in college of which I am paying all of out of my pocket except for a small scholarship he was awarded, the layout has been a slow progression because of not having a lot of excess money and/or time. Still, after a year and a half I now had it sheetrocked, walls and ceiling, along with insulation and an a/c unit and a heating unit. I was set to go and had finally laid and wired my track and had it running trains.



    Well, then came the decision to sell the house. Because of injuries sustained years ago in an accident and having two ruptured disks, two total knee replacements, and some vascular problems in the legs, stairs, yard work, etc. is getting harder each year. We found a condo in a nice gated community that is actually larger than our house and has a spare bedroom, an office, and/or a sunroom in which I could build my new layout. With no yard work or outside maintenance issues to worry over, it would the perfect setting. Just one problem. We had to sell our house first. Thus began the "decluttering" of the house and the staging of it by moving all "extra" items out to my Shack thereby totally shutting it down from any train activity. No worry, ay? Well, six months later, the house still hasn't sold. We got a three month extension on the contract for the condo until the first of August and extended our contract with the agent until then. If it hasn't sold by then, we are going to take it off the market and reevaluate our options. My wife says to relist, I saying to forget it and to make do. Anyway, whatever the case, I had had enough of no layout progression or work in the hobby I had come to love. Thus the reason that tonight I moved it all out of the Shack and into the attic and/or the other building and I have reclaimed my layout and have trains running again.




    Whether we sell the house or whether we end up taking it off the market and stay, my plans are to stay with the Shack for as long as I have. Should I have to stop in a couple of months, I feel the money will not have been wasted as it will be more experience in layout building under my belt. Should we remain here, at least I will be that much further along. Only time will tell. Still, the one thing I can say's ALIVE! The Shack is cleared and all lights are green. Full speed ahead.


  • Neal M
    Neal M Long live Rick and his model trains, wherever they may be!!!
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  • Joseph Antosiak
    Joseph Antosiak You could always buils some modules that would be sized to fit in the new location in the condo. That way you get to practice and won't have to discard everything if you do move.
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  • RiversideBNSF  (Shawn)
    RiversideBNSF (Shawn) Ahh, the little curveballs that life throws at us. The little shack that could. Glad to see it back Rick.
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  • Rick Phipps
    Rick Phipps Joseph, my plans are to build the buildings on little modules so that I can at least take them up and move them if the time comes. I had plans that if I stayed of taking track up and redoing some things as I plan on adding a mountain to the layout with a ...  more
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