The year later

  • This month marks a year ago when I started in earnest to turn a 10' X 12' "shack" into my layout. Since I didn't have any room in the house to do one..........ok, a room in the house that the wife would relinquish.........I decided to take one of the two buildings in the back yard and make it my dedicated train world. Being a newbie at a number of things, I still thought that in a year I would be further along. Still, as I look back over the year at the things that I have done in it, I realize that overall it has come along pretty good. With limited resources for the hobby, with putting a son through his first year of college among other things, I can still look out at the shack and be happy with what I accomplished.


    The shack basically started as just that. A wood framed, vinyl siding covered building with no interior comforts. As I begin to think about all I wanted to do I begin to little by little to bring it around to where I wanted it to be. After getting the building cleaned out and then doing the framing, I come to the realization that it was going to need more than just a fan for those hot and humid southern nights. Thus the purchase of an air conditioning unit only to then come to the realization that with no insulation, it just wasn't going to cut it. Let alone with the heating unit I bought and the winter months (of which they really didn't show) that were coming up. I started sheetrocking the walls and insulating them and it still was warm up near the ceiling as the ceiling rafters were just a foot or two above my head. Thus went in the insulation into the rafters. As I looked at the bare insulation above my head, I decided that I would never be happy with that view, thus the decision in sheetrock the ceiling, which I just finished with the final coat of mud and the painting. Tonight, the final touches by putting in the lights has sealed that construction. Well, with that done, I now am not happy with the floors and have decided to redo them. (See where this is going?) I am still looking around trying to decide how I am going to do my floors.


    By this time I am sure that some of you that haven't read my previous posts are wondering, where's the trains? Well, I had most of the track down and had run a temporary power hookup to just see some trains run only to find out that the two turns in my industrial area were too sharp for my SD40-2 among other engines and my longer cars. So, I took up my whole industrial area of track and will soon be relaying it with Peco code 100 curved turnouts not only to ease the radius of the curves but to give me a longer passing track also. The outside loop has been laid for a while and is fully in place other than wiring. Oh, and let's not forget my liftout section and the reworking of the swamp/pond area as I have scratch built a piling bridge for it. So, a little more construction is in order to achieve what I want with that. We won't even get into the fact that I need to run another wire from the house with a 30 amp fuse and 220v so that I can have enough power for all these various additions.


    In the past I had complained about sometimes wishing that the layout was here in some part of the house. That had it been and I didn't have all this construction work, I might be a lot further along. This is probably true. Still, as I sat out there tonight after getting the lights in, enjoying the peace and quiet that only a seperate building can bring, I begin to smile with the understanding that this has become my little world, my escape from the daily stress and and interuptions that might would have come had it been in the house. One year later..........just a quick temporary hookup and seeing a train move across my track............but looking at all that the shack has become, I can be happy in knowing that it is all on schedule. Maybe not the schedule of what the real world might expect. But in an HO scale world where everything is in 1/87th scale, including time, it is on schedule. The hard work is pretty much done. Let the fun begin........

  • Rick Phipps
    Rick Phipps LOL Tim. I hear you though I wouldn't say though in my wife's company.
    March 26, 2012
  • RiversideBNSF  (Shawn)
    RiversideBNSF (Shawn) Has it been a year already. Geez, how time fly's. Your train shack is a little piece of paradise. Great job Rick.
    April 7, 2012 - 1 likes this
  • Rick Phipps
    Rick Phipps Tim Allen, what are you trying to say? Nothing to do about the wife, is it? LOL
    April 7, 2012
  • Rick Phipps
    Rick Phipps Hey Shawn, you are right. It's hard to believe a year has gone by but I have finally gotten to the point that I am planning layout work, not building construction. It is definitely a piece of paradise. :)
    April 7, 2012