Haston, Vt.

  • If you read my intro and personal information - you will know I have a lot of different modelling things on the go at any one time.


    Why?  Because that way, if I feel that I am not progressing on one thing, I can simply move to another until the mood takes me back to the first thing.


    What have I got on the go at present?


    1 - British 2mm Finescale - modelling Scotland in the 80's.

    Status - research done, basboards to make, some stock done, some in prgress, some buildings done, some in process. Track still to be laid - usually I do this and baseboard making in what passes for summer in Scotland!


    2 - British 4mm scale - modelling Scotland in the 00's.

    Status - research done, baseboards made, most stock done, odd things to finish off, some buildings done, some buildings done, some in progress. Track to be laid.


    3 - US HO scale - modelling operations in New England 80's to 90's.

    Status - research done, baseboards made, track laid (in the loft). Some stock done, some in process. some buildings done, some in progress. Still to have any scenic work done. Loft is too cold in winter and I expect next session up in loft will be late spring next year.


    4 - US HO scale - modelling Yakima Valley Transportation in the 80's.

    Status - research ongoing, no baseboards yet. This will develop into a modular layout. Some stock done, some in process, no trackwork or scenics yet. 


    Other things.....


    I also model British 1:48th scale miliary and helicopters.


    The original intent here was to produce something that looked like a bit of Iraq or Afghanistan at the height of that conflict. This started out as a sponsored build with donations going to the UK Charity - Help for Heroes. Having done that bit, produced a small diorama and raised some monies, I thought that would be it. But I was surpised as people and retailers kept on giving kits and bits to me and saying to 'add that to your diorama'.


    Of coourse - a diorama can only take so much stuff and instead of piling more onto it - I kept the kits and gave their monetary value to the charity fund.


    Hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will do another diorama and raise more money for whichever charity I decide to.