N scale Lukas sawmill

  • G'day all,
    This is my first kit, it's a JV Models, N scale Lukas sawmill.
    Opening the kit I found that I had many scale size boards, so taking my downsize  pill I took up my hammer and nails and got to work, LOL.
    I have found that here in Australia the worst thing in modelling logging is that we  do not have much in the way of accessories to add to our kits, so I had to make  my own for the mill [ you would hope that someone with a 3D printer would  bring out some for N scale ] .
    Much more to do yet, I will cover some of the roof with corrugated tin and have  
    some men laying new tin on the rest, so the inside may be seen. It's just a small  
    sawmill in the Australian bush, rough and ready to serve the Willow Creek  
    Railroad [ www willowcreekrr.net ].
    View pictures of sawmill at