Detailed card model trucks in 1:100 scale - download for free

  • 1:100 American truck from FDS as free Downloads

    In the Czech cardboard modeling scene, car and truck  models in 1:100 scale ( mini model ) had long been a popular topic. There are infinite variations from every conceivable field. Here I have listed a few models that fit my U.S. model railroad theme. The models come in pdf format for printing in A4, but can also be scaled and printed out for other sizes using the variable printer settings. You can even open the files with a graphics program like Corel Draw or Adobe. The models are very detailed for this scale but you need a bit of patience to build. But it´s all for free. I have a list with direct links to the models on my BLOG (you may use the transation function on my site - not perfect, but it helps) . Attached please have a look at the sample picture. It is not usable for building because of low quality, but you can see how such file looks. Most of the models have parts for different body colours. The trailers may look good as flatcar loads. Unlimited usage on the model railroad.