Another small update

  • Good morning all,


    Another small update.  I was able to continue working on the layout by adding 3 more switches and connecting the rails to 4 of the 5 spurs.  I was also able to solder all the feeder wires to the completed trackage yesterday. This means that as soon as I can connect the feeders to the bus, I'll get to run trains!


    I am currently waiting on more CVT switch ties as I will need to build the crossover as one unit to simplify the installation process. Until I get those, I won't have access to a runaround track so my trains will need to start with the cars in the proper order to get spotted.


    I added the long ties for the switch stands to the installed switches.  I am still debating if I should animate them or not as this looks like quite an undertaking.  Any advice from the pros on that?


    I was out of foamboard when I first did the modules and I finally got some so I could install it on the frame.  On that same module, I started the rough installation of the cork roadbed for the main under the switches and trackage, including some of the transitions from foamboard to roadbed.


    Got some pictures on the way...  Stay tuned! :-)  And a couple of videos too, but they are in my native language, French.