Scratch Building UP's Caliente Station

  • For the last little while I have been scratch building Union Pacific's Caliente, NV station in HO scale for a friend of mine.  The prototype station is fortunately still standing and is currently owned by the city and is used for its city offices and library.  I was able to make a trip to the station and fully measure it and I was able to get photos of the original architectural blue prints so I could make it as close to true scale as possible.

    I drew up full elevations of the building and then had all wall, roofs, windows and other details custom laser cut out of various materials.  Other details on the building have been or will be built up from either rapid prototype (rain gutters & down spouts), styrene (trim work), and etched brass (balconies & other details).

    As of right now the station walls and roof have been assembled and I am nearing completion on adding all of the styrene trim.  I will add more photos as construction progresses.