Wow - December already

  •   I can't believe it's December already!

      We had our third PNW FreemoN meet on October 20th at the the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club.  It was a BLAST!  The club members were getting ready for their Christmas season open house, plus they were hosting a private tour for a motorcycle group.  We set up in the entry area and got lots of questions from the kids and club members.  We had a few little electrical glitches at the start.  The "Y" cable I had made up for the track bus had one leg wired with the wrong polarity and Greg's BLMA etched brass grade crossings shorted something out when a train drove across them.  Both of those were quickly fixed and the trains began running!  

       We had a couple of folks in our group that don't have modules yet come just to run their trains.  We also decided that we need more modules with just some running distance.   My Coldstor module has a long passing siding, but the turnouts are at the very ends of the module.  That means without another module attached at both ends, you really can't pass anything!   So I decided to hold off finishing this module and build a couple of four foot extensions, one for each end.  We also had a problem with coupling two modules onto the branchline and mainline faceplates at the same time.  Coldstor is built as a "mini"-mo, with twelve inch wide endplates.  The branchline has an eighteen inch endplate, but it butts right up next to the 12" end.  So two standard modules cannot be connected next to each other at that end.  The extensions will give us room to use the passing siding as a runaround, and will have 18" endplates at the outboard ends.

      Here is a picture of them all connected together for testing in my living room.