Entry Lost...

  • The last entry was lost to the ether when something crashed on my computer.  It had something to do with my adjustable module legs.

      I am using 1" steel electrical conduit for the upper part of the leg with a 7/8" hardwoord dowel for the lower section.  The dowel is drilled for clearance for the 3/8" bolt and capped with a PVC pipe cap that is drilled and tapped 3/8" NC for an adjustable foot.  I made the foot out of a 4" long carriage bolt and dipped the head in Plasti-Dip for a bit of grip and scratch protection.

      The conduit is cut 34" long and 4 slits about 2" long are cut into the lower end.  This allows enough flex to let a hose clamp squeeze tight around the dowel.  With the leg fully collapsed the track is at 40" for NTrak/ oNeTrak compatability.  Fully extended it will reach close to 60".

      I am not thrilled with my initial method of holding the legs to the bottom of the module, but have another idea in mind that I need to test.  The guys in the group also expressed concern over the fact that the threaded area for the feet is only the thickness of the cap.  If I have problems I will squirt it full of epoxy and re-drill and tap it.

      I FINALLY got all the buses wired on the two module halves, and all the throttle jacks installed.  Testing will begin today.  I used some of the CAT3 pushdown jacks available at Hope Depot.  Of course I tried using them with the stranded core wire I had purchased to make up jumper cables, and of course it didn't work!  So I went back and got the CAT3 solid core wiring and a proper pushdown tool.  Sometimes it doesn't pay to be so cheap.  I think I probably have more into it than just buying the UTP panels from Tony's Toy Trains.