OW - My back!

  •   We had our second local Free.Mo.N meetup last weekend.  This was the first time any of us had got together and actually hooked modules together.  There were folks from 100 miles away that came!  Using the butt joints as suggested by the N-land Pacific group worked stunningly well, and everyone was pleased to see that their efforts were compatible.

       My modules did not have all the track laid, I had just soldered all the transition rails the night before and cut them that morning.  I worked most of the meet getting those ends filed flush, and getting the mainline track down and soldered.

      Yesterday I got the last two pieces of track installed, and tonight I drilled holes for the feeders, got all the feeders cut and soldered in place.  Tomorrow I will get the gaps cut for turnout isolation, and should get at least the track buss wired up.

      I want to build at least one tail track extension that I can clamp to one end to test the trackwork for the passing track.   I may try to get that done tomorrow as well.

      Looking ahead - still a TON to do on this module before scenery can be started!

      The guys liked my adjustable leg setup.  It will allow me to use the modules for FreeMo or collapse them down to N-Trak height.  I'll post another entry on them later...